Spring 2016 Elections Included:
Spring 2016 Election Calendar - February 2016

The Spring 2016 Elections have passed. Below are the positions, links to results, expenditure reports, and violations.

  • Financial Reports Audits are available on the link to the right

  • Violations from Spring 2016 are available at link

If you have any more questions, please contact the Election Commissioner at tamuelection@gmail.com

Student Body President

Senior Yell Leaders (3)

Junior Yell Leaders (2) 

Class of 2017 Class Agents

Class of 2017 Class Gift

Class of 2017 Class President

Class of 2018 Class President

Class of 2019 Class President

Residential Housing Association President

Residential Housing Association Vice President

Student Senate:

-College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (5)

-College of Architecture (2)

-Lowry Mays School of Business (4)

-College of Education (4)

-The Dwight Look College of Engineering (9)

-Transistion Academic Programs (2)

-Colleges of Sciences (3)

-College of Geo-Sciences (2)

-College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (2)

-College of Liberal Arts (6)

-Non Corps of Cadets On-Campus (5)

-Corps of Cadets On-Campus (2)

-University Apartments (1)

-Off-Campus (31)

Spring 2016 Student Body Elections