2020-2021 Rules & Regulations:
Fall COVID-19 Regulation Additions:
Fall 2020 Election Timeline:

September 7th: Filing opens 10:00 AM
September 18th: Filing closes 3:00 PM
September 20th: Mandatory Candidate’s Meeting
September 20th: Pre-campaigning begins and ends
September 21st: General campaigning begins 12:00 AM
September 30th: Expense reports due 5:00 PM
October 1st: Expense reports posted 7:00 PM
October 1st: Voting begins 9:00 AM

October 2nd: General campaigning ends 12:00 PM 
October 2nd: Voting ends 12:00 PM

October 2nd: All violations due 7:00 PM
October 2nd: Results announced 7:00 PM

The Election Commission exists to organize and oversee all Student Government Association elections in a manner consistent with the Aggie Honor Code.
This website contains all the info you need for Texas A&M student body elections! Should you have any questions, please email the Election Commissioner at tamuelection@gmail.com.

What We Do

We serve as an unbiased body who facilitates elections for entities including Student Government Association, Yell Leaders, Student Senate, Residential Housing Association, Class Councils, and Class Agents. Elections are held in both the fall and spring of each school year. The Election Commission is your resource for these events. Check out this website for dates, forms, and regulations. 

Cara Maxwell- Class of 2023
Election Commissioner



Thank you for your interests in TAMU Elections. If you have any questions, please email me at tamuelection@gmail.com.


Thanks and Gig' Em!

Texas A&M University Election Commission